SWISP Lab x Emory University Side Event at COP28UAE

Youth Actions for Anthropogenic Times

Date and Time: Sat, 09 Dec 2023, 13:15-14:45

Location: Blue Zone, Room: SE Room 5

In this UNFCCC COP28 Side-Event: Youth Voices for Climate Action we highlighted youth working in different ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change with our partners. Our panel included youth working on climate research, art, storytelling, and other means to push for change.

SWISP Lab presented their recent pluri-cultural creativities for climate action in Bengaluru, India in partnership with Science Gallery.

Sarah and Kate began by locating their work back into their Climate, Art and Digital Activism Festival (2022) and the provocative question gifted by Rose Hiscock on the opening session:

With the whole bloody catastrophe laid out before us, at what point do we intervene?

HEALY, SARAH; COLEMAN, KATHRYN (2023). Data poetry – Love in the Anthropocene https://doi.org/10.26188/24891864

Before we left for Dubai we asked our Carbon Mediator colleagues if they could transmediate Rose’s question on our postcard for our journey to COP and the Side event. The Side Event offered us a space and place to explore what actions are needed for young people to speak back to COP after our workshops in Bengaluru. As these trans-mediations show us, climate actions are a global and local struggle, and are deeply intertwined in culture, land, language and self.

Our presentation slides that include Infosys workshops that show teams of young people making, writing and talking about climate stories can be found here https://doi.org/10.26188/24891699: