The Theatre Board offers grants to students for creative explorations and skills development projects that are not necessarily tied to a performance outcome.

Projects might take several different forms, such as

  • engaging with a professional theatre artist to work with applicants
  • developing skills that applicants may not have e.g. collaborating with musicians, working with puppets, developing acrobatic or circus skills, working with screen technology
  • resourcing practice-based research into a concept, process or medium without a production outcome yet in mind
  • supporting a creative development period for a new work which might move into production and
  • creative events or performance activities which involve student communities.

Maximum funding: $1000

Creative Development Guidelines (PDF)

Creative Development Guidelines (word)

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Past Recipients: Creative Development

Four Letter Word Theatre’s season of ‘The Playground’ was performed in the Guild Theatre from 26 – 28 September 2019 as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

We had an ensemble of seven actors and creatives working on a devised piece called ‘The Playground’… As many of the ensemble had not devised before, we offered workshops with industry professionals in order both to aid them in the process, and to ensure they gained lasting skills that they could bring to any future projects. Some of the workshops were less focused on the actual devising of ‘The Playground’ itself, and more about teaching the ensemble skills, for instance, with Ella Lawry’s Improv workshop.


Sophie O’Brien led a creative project ‘UN/AKIN’ in August 2019.

The development project was an investigation into new interdisciplinary practices in our postcolonial space, specifically, looking at languages in terms of physical movement, sound and light processes for design, and vocal “languages”.