Trust Awards

The Board oversees the management of the Hannah Barry Memorial Award, Murray Sutherland, and Louise Homfrey Trust prizes:

Hannah Barry Memorial Trust Award

This is a single award open to all current undergraduate University of Melbourne students to develop creative work in the performing arts.

Hannah Barry Memorial Trust Award 2023 round is now CLOSED

To read all about the Award: Hannah Barry Memorial Award Guidelines

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Past Recipients

The value of the award in 2022 was $780.

Hannah Barry Memorial Award – Guidelines 2022

Luke Macaronas ~ This is my Body (2021)

‘This is my Body’ is a participatory queer ritual that traces the history of the Eucharist in order to uncover the erotic, subversive and sacred meanings of breaking bread and drinking flesh and blood. The first development showing of this work was staged on Holy Thursday night, 14 April 2022. Drawing on the director’s own experience growing up queer in both the Catholic and Greek Orthodox church, this show was simultaneously a lament and a celebration of the bizarre, cruel, and sublime impact that food has in our lives.

Performance Webpage 

Performer: Luke Macaronas
Writer: Sar Fegan
Project Mentor: Joel Bray

Photo Credits: Sodi Murphy-Shrives


Laura Collins and Freya McGrath ~  A Dog Called Monkey (2020)

This piece, drawn from the true experiences, explored how language can be manipulated and agency over truth ripped away. The intention of the piece was to challenge that injustice, and to explore the complexities surrounding sexual assault, the silences and damaging rhetorics.


Tedious Theatre ~ Shadow Piece (2019)

Shadow Piece was a 45-minute film shown during Digital Fringe in 2020

We wanted to merge the mediums of film and theatre, so the film had long takes which required lots of rehearsal and planning. We explored shadow and lighting, as well as music, particularly how these elements can express dynamics and relationships just as well as speaking. The film had minimal dialogue, as we wanted the audience to be able to project their own ideas onto what was happening, with the film providing merely suggestions of situations.

Tedious Theatre is Antoinette Tracey and September Barker – the recipients of the Award and creative team for the work.  The film was shot in September’s living room during Covid-19 restrictions in 2020.


Murray Sutherland Trust Prizes

Two prizes are awarded for outstanding performances in a student theatre production.  The prizes are announced at the UHT Awards Night in October.

Louise Homfrey Trust Prizes

Book vouchers are awarded to two students who have performed in student theatre productions.  The prizes are announced at the UHT Awards Night in October.