Stephen Cleary. Photo: Andrew O'Keefe, 2010.

Podcast: Aristotelian wisdom for modern scriptwriters

In a free public lecture series earlier this month, celebrated film development consultant Stephen Cleary discussed the Aristotelian principles in contemporary screenwriting. The three lectures are now available as podcasts.

What would Aristotle do? Ancient wisdom for modern screenwriters.

Aristotle was the greatest and most influential thinker on screenwriting never read a screenplay, never gave a screenwriting seminar and never saw a film. But his ideas have lasted nearly 5,000 times longer than any modern guru.

Why? Maybe it’s because they are 5,000 times more powerful. But Aristotle isn’t out there selling his ideas in bookshops, online and in tightly scripted seminar form. And he’s not an easy read, even if you are fluent in ancient Greek.

In this series, supported by the Grace Marion Wilson Trust, Stephen Cleary takes three basic concepts, catharsis, ethos and mythos, first described by Aristotle and shows how his thinking about each contains vital and fresh ideas for any screenwriter working today.

Banner image: Stephen Cleary. Photo: Andrew O’Keefe, 2010.