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  1. Armchair Travel: 50 Years of Melbourne Films

    Still from Happy Country (2008). Corrie Chen.

    Never-before-seen films by some of Australia’s top filmmakers anyone? Sit back, relax, and take a trip through five glorious decades on screen By Nicolette Freeman, Head …

  2. Stephanie Lake: How to Choreograph a Crush

    Her work as a dancer and choreographer is feted internationally, but that won’t stop Lake suffering opening night nerves By Paul Dalgarno Stephanie Lake has a …

  3. Generators video: Artists explore animism through robotics

    Film still from Cake Industries.

    Filmmaker Jack Dyball captures the ‘animism’ art of Cake Industries

  4. Generators video: Art, identity and the Chinese diaspora

    Filmmaker Natalie Cunningham explores the intersection of music and cultural identity for indie pop songstress Sophie Koh

    Natalie Cunningham explores the intersection of music and cultural identity for indie songstress Sophie Koh.

  5. Generators video: Exploring Aboriginal identity in dance

    Still from HA LF showing Mariaa Randall dancing in black and white.

    Filmmaker Eddie Diamandi explores choreographer Mariaa Randall’s dance practice and Indigenous heritage.

  6. Sneak preview: the 47th Annual Graduate Film Screenings

    Flyer artwork of two abstract faces from ACMI collateral.

    We talk to six of our graduating filmmakers ahead of the 2015 screenings and awards at ACMI.

  7. Generators video: A graphic way to tell the story of tsunami

    In The Wake of the Wave screenshot

    Film director Irene Metter tells the story of creating a graphic novel based on the people affected by the 2011 Japan tsunami.

  8. Indigenous songstress on the international stage

    Shauntai Batzke, gospel and opera singer and songwriter, is a Wiradjuri woman who grew up in Sydney. By Gabrielle Murphy

  9. In The Making – Alice Darling

    Alice Darling with Kindness director Kate Shearman.

    The theatre alum talks about her experience in the director’s chair.

  10. In The Making – Darren Vizer

    Darren Vizer, Master of Choreography, with VCA students

    The multi-talented choreographer talks about his return to the arts.

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