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  1. Gloria and Beatus vir – meet the cast and crew

    Performers Hannah Kostros, Emily Leaver, and Jordan Auld. Image by Giulia McGauran.

    An all-sensory experience in the historic St Paul’s cathedral blending early music, modern visual spectacle, and the timeless genius of Vivaldi? Uh, yes please!

  2. Reassessing Handel with the help of a restored 1773 Kirckman harpsichord

    Erin Helyard is internationally recognised as a leading baroque music specialist, virtuosic soloist and inspired conductor. Here, he discusses his debut solo album featuring the keyboard …

  3. Going nuts for music – from the 18th century to now

    NOTE: This event has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled at a later date to be announced. Next week, the Melbourne Conservatorium’s Dr Erin Helyard will …

  4. Passion, Lament, Glory … a new take on an old story

    Passion, Lament, Glory. Photo: Sarah Walker

    Artistic director and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Professor Jane Davidson is gearing up for a powerful Baroque music enactment of the Passion of Christ, at Melbourne’s …

  5. Instrumental Reward of the Harpsichord

    A Private Performance, by Pio Ricci (1850–1919)/Wikimedia Commons

    Dr Erin Helyard has been praised as a virtuosic soloist as well as an inspired and versatile conductor, but his passion for performance goes way beyond …

  6. Video: New and old music collide in Shock of the Old

    Head of Percussion Peter Neville conducts students playing new and old instruments in Shock of the Old.

    Old instruments played new pieces and vice versa in a collaboration between the Early and New Music Studios.