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  1. Film in the 2010’s and Beyond … What’s on Next?

    Still from Blue Tongue. 2004. Justin Kurzel.

    In a world of virtual reality and multi-stranded games narratives, creative manipulation of cinema audiences’ expectations is more important than ever By Nicolette Freeman, University of …

  2. When Australia met Un-Australia – film in the 2000s

    Still from 296 Smith Street (2007) by John Evagora.

    Three films from the Film and Television archive show us what, and who, we were in the early years of this century By Alice Pung This …

  3. Sex in the 90s: Feminism on Film

    Still from Sexy Girls, Sexy Appliances. 1991. Emma-Kate Croghan.

    How did films in this decade rework, reject, radicalise or reinforce feminism and portrayals of women on screen? By Dr Meagan Tyler Feminism on film underwent …

  4. Animation in the 80s: The View From Melbourne

    Still from Pleasure Domes. 1987. Maggie Fooke.

    Making an animated film has never been easy, but in the 1980s it seemed the artform’s future was bright By Robert Stephenson, Victorian College of the …

  5. Film in 1970s Melbourne — The Enduring Human Drama

    Banner image: Kurt Bacuschardt/Flickr

    Every human being has a story to tell, but these three student films from the 1970s offer lessons that go way beyond the individual By Arnold …

  6. Cool All at Onceness: Australian film in the 1960s

    Ian Baker’s film, shot while a student, reveals much about the era in which it was made By John Hughes, Honorary Fellow at the Victorian College …

  7. Armchair Travel: 50 Years of Melbourne Films

    Still from Happy Country (2008). Corrie Chen.

    Never-before-seen films by some of Australia’s top filmmakers anyone? Sit back, relax, and take a trip through five glorious decades on screen By Nicolette Freeman, Head …

  8. Generators video: Artists explore animism through robotics

    Film still from Cake Industries.

    Filmmaker Jack Dyball captures the ‘animism’ art of Cake Industries

  9. How JJ Abrams ruined Star Trek

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. © Lucasfilm

    And what does that means for Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

  10. Generators video: Art, identity and the Chinese diaspora

    Filmmaker Natalie Cunningham explores the intersection of music and cultural identity for indie pop songstress Sophie Koh

    Natalie Cunningham explores the intersection of music and cultural identity for indie songstress Sophie Koh.

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