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  1. Cerebral Cortex

    Tamsin, Sarah and Claire- Choreographers of Cerebral Cortex. Photo by Cam Robinson.

    By Tamsin McLinden, Claire Leske and Sarah Bruce


    ANGRY SEX promo shot. Photo: Sarah Walker

    By Rachel Perks

  3. Y?


    By Renae Shadler

  4. Symphony of Strange

    'Symphony of Strange', Gareth Hart. Image by Sarah Walker.

    By Gareth Hart

  5. Cakebombing!

    The Flying Tapirs, Miranda Hill and Leach Scholes.

    By Miranda Hill and Leah Scholes – The Flying Tapirs

  6. Notes From Zombieland – FR!SK Festival

    Notes From Zombieland

    By Roby Favretto

  7. Infundibular

    Infundibular - Worm

    By Travis Cox

  8. Chinese Whispers: The Art of Reflection

    By Rani Pramesti

  9. ENUF is Enough!

    Images by Giulio Tami

    By Tim Phillips: Company 2014 – Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Practice)

  10. The Festival of Live Art has arrived … but what is live art?

    FOLA highlight: Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model by UK Artist Bryony Kimmings and her niece, Taylor. Photo: Christa Holka

    By Robert Walton, Head of Theatre, Victorian College of the Arts

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