Transferral and Translation: Making Wine Lexicon and Wine Knowledge Accessible through the Graphic Novel – Jason Jones

Charge your glasses and prepare your palate because our next invited speaker is Dr Jason Jones. At the Identities in Translation Workshop Dr Jones will be presenting his work titled, “Transferral and Translation: Making Wine Lexicon and Wine Knowledge Accessible through the Graphic Novel.”

Wine lexicon—the words and expressions that we use to describe the myriad flavours, aromas and emotions evoked by a given wine—remain a central feature of wine culture. It also remains one of the most significant barriers to entry. For instance, silence might be the preferable course of action if one cannot muster a description with more flair than ‘delicious’. Wine-centred Japanese graphic novels (manga) such as Kami no Shizuku,Sommelier and Bartender and the audiovisual adaptations thereof constitute an innovative means of transferring wine lexicon and wine knowledge in a convenient package. Here, we will first examine the historical factors leading to the mass transferral of wine lexicon and knowledge into Japan. This will lead into our discussion of how Japanese wine manga and its audiovisual adaptations have not only leveraged their visual nature to lower the barriers of entry to proficiency in wine lexicon, but also moved the translation of wine expression beyond words.

Dr Jason Christopher Jones is Lecturer in Japanese Studies at Monash University. His research examines cultural adaptation as represented in Japanese film, television, animation, manga, and other texts. He is also an active translator, interpreter, and subtitler. His most recent academic papers include, “Delightfully Sauced: Wine Manga and the Japanese Sommelier’s Rise to the Top of the French Wine World” and the co-authored paper, “From West to East to West: A case study on Japanese wine manga translated in French”.

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