Getting around Melbourne

For visitors who might be coming from interstate or overseas, we’ve written a short rundown on the public transport system in Melbourne and how to get into the city from the airport.

There is a free travel zone for public transport in Melbourne. This zone does not extend to the University unfortunately, so if you plan on catching trams, you will need to buy a Myki. You can buy a Myki and put money on it to travel at any 7/11. The card itself costs $6 and it is $4.10 for one trip or $8.20 for two or more throughout the day. The easiest way to get to where you’re going is to use Google Maps as the public transport function on this includes buses, trams and trains.

There are a few options for getting into the city from the airport:

  1. Catch the Skybus – Tickets for the Skybus are $19 each way and can be bought from here: will be buying the “Melbourne City Express” service). This will take you in to Southern Cross Station in the city.
  2. Catch a taxi – From the airport, a taxi into the city will cost at least $60
  3. Catch an Uber – From the airport an Uber into the city will cost at least $40

From the city, you can travel to the University by catching the 19 tram that travels north on Elizabeth Street and getting off at the stop called “University of Melbourne/Royal Parade”.

Otherwise, you can also catch any of the trams that travel north on Swanston Street and get off at the stop called “Melbourne University”.

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