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Exploring the "how" of digitisation.

Naming files and folders for digitisation

Naming files and folders is a fundamental part of managing any sort of digital data and yet 90% of people who come to use our scanners don’t have a naming schema for their image files. This post explores how I arrived at the file naming schemas used by the University Digitisation Centre (UDC) for digitisation workflows and how and why these often differ from typical research data management training.

A clever file naming schema on its own
does not constitute data management

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Just Get It!

Forgot your USB and need some way to transfer your scans from our scanners?  Can’t edit your images because you don’t have Photoshop and can’t afford the monthly license fee?  Too often we see people with problems that they just shouldn’t (and don’t) have. This post looks at some of the free/affordable stuff that people want to use but don’t know that they can get it. Continue reading “Just Get It!”

Google Earth Overlays

Google Earth can display online images as an overlay above the satellite imagery without requiring any special server software. There are only a few requirements:

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