Tag: Graduate Student Research

  1. Breaking Bad bugs: Testing potential biocontrol agents for pesticide tolerance

    I have a passion for playing mad scientist with pesticides, all in the name of making agricultural pest control safer and more sustainable. If you’re fond of growing roses, you’re probably familiar with the frustrating critters that invade them in your garden. The critters, in this case aphids, are unfortunately fond of your roses, along […]


  2. When your dream comes true…

    By Miriama Pekľanská As my stay comes to an end, I would like to share a few words about myself and how I fulfilled my dream of coming to Australia to complete my three-month PhD internship with the Pest & Environmental Adaptation Research Group (PEARG). I am from a little village near the beautiful city […]


  3. Finished, but not yet free

    Words by Samantha Ward & Marianne Coquilleau Illustrations by Marianne Coquilleau Photographs by Samantha Ward UPDATE – Samantha & Marianne have been interviewed on radio stations 2SER and The Pulse about their journey LINK 2SER || LINK The Pulse Concluding the postgraduate journey Covid-19 has shaken up the world as we know it. Everyone has […]