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  1. Our paper on dynamically decoupled hyperpolarisation published in PRL

    Our paper entitled Quantum bath control with nuclear spin state selectivity via pulse-adjusted dynamical decoupling was published in Physical Review Letters. It reports on a new …


  2. Our paper on graphene transistor imaging published in PRApplied

    Our paper entitled Imaging Graphene Field-Effect Transistors on Diamond Using Nitrogen-Vacancy Microscopy, by Scott Lillie et al, was published in Physical Review Applied.    


  3. Our paper on stress tensor imaging published in Nano Letters

    Our paper entitled Microscopic imaging of the stress tensor in diamond using in situ quantum sensors, by David Broadway et al, was published in Nano Letters.


  4. Our paper on microbeads magnetic imaging on the back cover of Small

    Our paper entitled Rapid, high‐resolution magnetic microscopy of single magnetic microbeads, by Julia McCoey et al, has been published in Small and features on the back cover. …


  5. Our paper on the conduction anomaly published in PRB

    Our paper entitled Apparent delocalization of the current density in metallic wires observed with diamond nitrogen-vacancy magnetometry, by J-P Tetienne et al, was published in Phys. Rev. …


  6. Our paper on detuning errors in dynamical decoupling published in PRA

    Our paper entitled Nonvanishing effect of detuning errors in dynamical-decoupling-based quantum sensing experiments, in collaboration with colleagues from University College London, was published in Phys. Rev. A. …


  7. Our paper on the sp2 surface defect published in Advanced Materials Interfaces

    Our paper entitled Evidence for Primal sp2 Defects at the Diamond Surface: Candidates for Electron Trapping and Noise Sources, by Alastair Stacey et al, was published in …


  8. Our paper on abrasive deposition published in Physical Review Materials

    Our paper entitled Magnetic noise from ultrathin abrasively deposited materials on diamond, by Scott Lillie et al, was published in Physical Review Materials.


  9. A series of articles and videos about quantum technologies released

    Einstein described it as spooky. At the atomic level and smaller is the quantum world. Now, as we’re entering the quantum age, with the University of …


  10. Our paper on Band Bending Mapping published in Nature Electronics

    Our paper entitled Spatial mapping of band bending in semiconductor devices using in situ quantum sensors, by David Broadway, Nikolai Dontschuk et al, was published in Nature …


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