Web of Knowledge – recent enhancements

The new release, which went live on 27 January, includes a number of new features. Watch a short video or view full information on all the new upgrade features. Key enhancements include:

  • More descriptive error messages when no results are found, when too many results are found, and when searching is in progress.
  • Larger click-able targets in refine panel and full record.
  • Improved Institutional Registry Searching – institutional name variants automatically searched.
  • Easier navigation easier via touch pad (on laptop) or touch screen (on tablet such as iPad).
  • ResearcherID – now allows proxy claiming of ResearcherID – manage your academic reputation more easily by delegating to a proxy.
  • Expanded the UK/US synonym dictionary.
  • Left Hand Truncation will be supported in Topic, Title, UID and ID codes fields.
  • Search for a cited article or book title in a Cited Reference Search.
  • No more stopwords on phrases such as “Vitamin A”
  • Support for proximity operator NEAR/x
  • The 100,000 record limit has been eliminated so users can now conduct more accurate analysis when refining and analyzing results.
  • Mark and export cited references from an article’s bibliography.
  • Create a Marked List from across any of the all Web of Knowledge databases – with accessible, database-specific Marked List subsets.

Online presentation of these and all recent enhancements at:

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