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It’s week 12 and we’re counting down 23 weekly posts showcasing a range of digital tools that might be useful for your research practice. Whatever your current level of confidence, the programme aims to help you to develop a strategic approach to integrating digital skills into your work as a researcher.

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  • Thing 01: Organisational and productivity tools.
  • Thing 02: Collaboration tools.
  • Thing 03: File sharing.
  • Thing 04: Social media for researchers.
  • Thing 05: Online presence – blogging your research
  • Thing 06: Managing your online research networks.
  • Thing 07: Researcher identifiers and your publication profile.
  • Thing 08: Mind-mapping and brainstorming tools.
  • Thing 09: Web-conferencing and communication tools.
  • Thing 10: Locating and using digital images.
  • Thing 11: Managing and manipulating digital images.
  • Thing 12: Tools for presenting your research


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