The impact of the social sciences: How academics and their research make a difference [book]

The impact agenda is set to shape the way in which social scientists prioritise the work they choose to pursue, the research methods they use and how they publish their findings over the coming decade, but how much is currently known about how social science research has made a mark on society?

Based on a three year research project studying the impact of 360 UK-based academics on business, government and civil society sectors, this book undertakes the most thorough analysis yet of how academic research in the social sciences achieves public policy impacts, contributes to economic prosperity, and informs public understanding of policy issues as well as economic and social changes. The book addresses key issues including:

  • identifying ways to conceptualise and model impact in the social sciences
  • developing more sophisticated ways to measure academic and external impacts of social science research
  • explaining how impacts from individual academics, research units and universities can be improved.

Bastow, S., Dunleavy, P., & Tinkler, J. (2014). The Impact of the Social Sciences : How Academics and their Research Make a Difference. SAGE. London.

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