Upcoming webinars to make reference management manageable

With a series of six reference management software webinars* coming up in May, now could be a good time to review your reference management process: should you integrate this type of software into your workflows, or expand your existing software skills? Kat Frame (Senior Librarian, Bibliographic Software & Reference Management) explains how using reference management software can benefit researchers.  

Citing sources is central to academic writing and using reference management software is particularly useful for longer writing projects or for researchers who collect large numbers of references. Our upcoming webinar series includes sessions for three reference management tools, Zotero, EndNote and Mendeley. Each of these tools  allow you to create your own personal database of references for use in your writing. As well as storing and organising your references, the programs generate citations and bibliographies in different referencing styles. References can be shared with others for projects and they can be used to store PDFs, research notes and other files.

If you are new to reference management tools and you’re not sure what reference managers offer or which program will suit you best, we recommend reviewing our Options for managing references guide This will help you to determine which software program will best support your needs, as it really is a personal decision and get you started with downloading the software. Our webinars offer an overview of relevant and useful features as well as targeted information for University of Melbourne users in a one hour session.

Webinars on reference managers in May 2020

Use the links to learn more about the session content and book to attend – registrations are essential!

Beginners Sessions

The beginners sessions will introduce you to the basics of using the program.

Researcher Sessions

The researcher sessions are designed for existing software users who are familiar with the basics of adding references and working with Word, who are wanting to use additional features to support information management, research projects and writing long documents.

Book now to learn more about your preferred reference management software in an upcoming webinar.

Further Resources

  • Bookmark Re:cite for a quick guide on major referencing styles, and links to further help with your referencing.
  • Visit our Research Training Online Resources section for recordings of previous reference manager webinars and training videos.

*Please note that these sessions are open to University of Melbourne staff and students only. Please register using your University email address.

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