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Research Data and ‘The Secret Life of Language’ (Podcast) | ICYMI

Want to build your own research data repository? A/Prof Nick Thieberger shares stories and lessons from working with PARADISEC in this podcast and this week in Researcher Connect Online.

In case you missed it, linguist A/Prof Nick Thieberger was featured in an episode of The Secret Life of Language podcast earlier this year. Chatting with cultural anthropologist Dr Debra McDougall, A/Prof Thieberger shares stories about travelling the world to explore and document indigenous languages. Give it a listen:

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A/Prof Thieberger presents a webinar this Thursday 11 June 2020 on his work with Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC), and shares lessons from a research archive set up by linguists and musicologists. Come along to learn how to ensure your research data is managed and preserved for future (re-)use.

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