Research Project Planning & Methods Maps – SAGE Research Methods Core online database

Find answers to your research methods questions with SAGE Research Methods Core online. A/Prof Paul Gruba (co-author of ‘How to write a better thesis’) outlines how to get started with project planning and deciding on your research method in these videos and 23 Research Things blog post.

When starting a research project, you’ll need to define and justify your choice of research method(s). There are lots of approaches, and it can feel overwhelming choosing the right one for you.

The Library subscribes to SAGE Research Methods Core database (link), a method library containing books, reference works, journal articles and instructional videos on how to perform hundreds of research methods. You can use this database to learn more about research methods and use its interactive Project Planner for your own research.

A/Prof. Paul Gruba recently shared some insights on how to choose a research method in blog post, Thing #02 for the 23 Research Things blog series. He introduces the SAGE Research Methods Core database as a useful tool for researchers facing this decision in these two short videos:

These videos were produced by Paul Gruba as a part of Researcher Connect – an online program for University of Melbourne researchers that ran from 9 June – 3 July 2020. (Explore more)

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