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Do you use survey tools for your research? There are upcoming training opportunities for REDCap users. In case you missed it (ICYMI), we’ve included other survey training resources.

REDCap Training in November 2020

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure and stable web-based platform that is designed to capture research data. This tool is available for use in University of Melbourne research free of charge.

This training does have a cost, and is provided through collaboration with CEBU (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics) and facilitated by CEBU Data Management Coordinator Luke Stevens. The University of Melbourne’s REDCap Lead is David Ormiston-Smith( For more information, email

10 November 2020 REDCap 1: an introduction REDCap is a secure and stable web-based platform that is designed to capture research data and is available for use in University of Melbourne research free of charge.This half‐day interactive workshop provides hands on instructions in the development of a simple data management system and online surveys.  This course is suitable for researchers setting up a new clinical trial or survey, or are seeking robust data acquisition, safe storage and data archiving with the ability to interrogate the database.
23 November 2020 REDCap II: beyond the basics A half day course where you can make use of some of REDCap’s more advanced features, including: Using the data dictionary for speedy form development, Longitudinal and repeating instrument configuration, Automated survey invitations, Data quality rules, Data import, Managing changes to a Production project, Build more complex data entry forms, e.g. utilising: Different design strategies for different data capture scenarios, Action tags and smart variables, Functions in calculated field expressions., Cross-field validation checks, Basic HTML and CSS for styling text

Other resources for your survey design

While waiting for the November training sessions, here are other resources around survey design and tools as a primer for your research:

Overview of Survey Tools

Read this short post for an overview and comparison of two high-quality tools available to University of Melbourne staff and research students: Qualtrics and REDCap. The two survey tools offer different ways of creating and hosting online surveys and both have different sets of features and capabilities.

This post is Thing 17 from the 23 Research Things Blog which features posts on digital research tools and skills, and authored by other researchers, technologists, data scientists, and librarians.

What about Qualtrics?

If you’re interested in exploring Qualtrics further, view this webinar offering an introduction including: how to create a new survey, construct questions, survey flow and conditional logic, collaboration, distribution options, data and analysis options, and where to get online resources and support. Click on ‘Learn more’ to visit the full suite of Learning Environments created online resources on Qualtrics.

Learn more

This video is a recording of the Learning Environments webinar presented as a part of Researcher Connect 2020, an online program of digital tools and skills for University of Melbourne researchers.


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