It’s World Digital Preservation Day on the 4th of November 2021!

It’s World Digital Preservation Day on the 4th of November 2021!

To celebrate our university work in long-term digital preservation, the Digital Preservation Program team has crafted a video, expertly created by Eva Samaras (Records & Information).

Take a look to see some things you can take part in during the week of World Digital Preservation Day.


The university’s emerging digital preservation operations are distributed across our library, archives, records, and IT teams. The nature of digital preservation work demands collaborative ways of working, which we seek to embed in everything we do.

Digital preservation repository management team member Ailie Smith says, “We are bringing together expertise from many areas of the university and developing new skills and knowledge around digital preservation – it is a very dynamic and rewarding space to be working in.”

Elise Bradshaw, Digital Curation and Archives Specialist, adds, “We’re finally seeing years of planning pay off with our digital preservation repository becoming operational, and digital materials starting to be preserved. It’s a really exciting time to be working in digital preservation at the university.”

Check out our digital preservation strategy and work, and get in touch if you’re keen to hear more.

Jaye Weatherburn, Program Manager Digital Preservation (on behalf of all university teams contributing to digital preservation: Digital Stewardship (Research); Collection Development & Access; University of Melbourne Archives; Records & Information; Infrastructure/CRM Applications).

Video production: Eva Samaras, Records & Information

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