Working safely with sensitive research data   

Unsure about how to manage your sensitive research data? Do you want to know what resources and tools are available to help you? Kimberley D’Costa from the Petascale Campus Research Data Management Program provides an overview of sensitive data management at the University of Melbourne.

Responsible research data management is a critical component of your research. But as regulatory mandates, cybersecurity standards, research methods and technology are always changing, it can be a challenge to safely manage your sensitive research data.

To help you assess the sensitivity of your research data and make informed decisions about data management – including data collection, storage, analysis and retention – we have developed the Research Data Classification Framework.

The Framework includes:

The Framework is endorsed by the University and is designed to help all researchers, including professional research staff and graduate research students, meet your research responsibilities. This means you can feel confident that data classified and managed using the Framework is safe and secure.

The Framework will be updated over time, ensuring you will always have clear, accurate and timely guidance on the appropriate management of sensitive research data. Using the Framework will help align your research with best practice standards, building trust and breaking down barriers to working with sensitive research data.

Want to learn more?

For further information on managing your research data, refer to the University’s Research Data Management website. The University’s interactive Research Data Services Directory also provides a comprehensive catalogue of research tools, support, advice, or specialist data collaborators available.

Contact with questions or enquiries related to your research data management. You may also contact the RDM Program team via

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