News and Upcoming Events for November 2023

Throughout 2023 at the end of each month the Scholarly Development (Research) team will provide a snapshot of relevant scholarly research support news and events for the coming month.

New Digital Screens for Researcher@Library

Image description: A blue and green gradient background with “Researcher@Library Supporting Your Research Journey” in text.

The Researcher@Library program has a had digital refresh! 

After months of careful design work, we are introducing a suite of digital screens and signage that reflect how we support your research journey. If you look closely, you’ll notice we have blended the University of Melbourne signature blue with the Researcher@Library colour scheme, linking us with the wider University community.

These signs will be rolled out across campus libraries in the next few weeks on information displays and digital signs. The new displays are already up at the Eastern Resource Centre, so check them out! 

Researcher@Library webinars

After a wonderful year, the Researcher@Library webinar series has come to a close for 2023. A very big thank you to all the presenters who provided their expert knowledge, and to all the attendees. If you want to revisit the webinars, you can access recordings (with closed captions) via the Researcher@Library 2023 Showcase on Vimeo. We’ll see you in 2024 for another series of webinars!

Visualise Your Thesis 2023

Visualise Your Thesis (VYT) is an international programme that challenges graduate researchers to present their research in a 60-second audio-visual explainer. This year, 23 graduate researchers participated, having won their institution’s local programme before progressing to the international stage.

The winners of this year’s VYT programme were announced at the eResearch Australasia conference on the 18 October 2023. Watch the video below to hear this year’s judges, Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles and Dr David Phipps announce the winners.

You can check out all of the entries in the Visualise Your Thesis Figshare repository here, and find out more on the VYT website. Follow us on Twitter (X) @VisualiseThesis or connect with us on LinkedIn to be the first to find out about the 2024 programme.

23 Research Things

Image description: A banner for 23 Research Things with text Managing your research: Working smarter, not harder, and a decorative background.

23 Research Things has come to an end for 2023! A big thank you to all of the contributors who shared their expertise, strategies and tools to help you manage your research: no matter what discipline you are from, or what career stage you are at. Catch up on all of this year’s posts on the 23 Research Things page and make sure you subscribe to the mailing list so you don’t miss on the next iteration.

The Future of Impact: A Research Symposium

The University of Melbourne is hosting The Future of Impact: A Research Symposium on 15 November 2023 to explore the research impact landscape. Enabling and building a culture of research impact is essential to help improve the world around us, but how do we do it? Hear from global experts at this in-person symposium designed for academics and research support professionals.

Find out more information and register here.

LabArchives – An Introduction to UoM Online Research Notebook for HASS Researchers

LabArchives is an Online Research Notebook (ORN) which allows you to organise, record, and safely store your research information. All University of Melbourne graduate researchers and staff are able to use LabArchives for free.

While the name does make reference to a laboratory, LabArchives isn’t just for researchers in the sciences! It has many benefits for researchers from the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS), which will be outlined in an upcoming webinar on 9 November 2023. Register and find out how you can use LabArchives to keep track of your research materials; its key features; and how it can improve your research management.

Find out more information and register here.

World Digital Preservation Day

Image description: A cartoon of a CD-ROM, physical document, two floppy disks, binary code, cassette tape, and microfilm tape wearing party hats with balloons. The CD-ROM is holding a banner that says “Happy World Digital Preservation Day!”

World Digital Preservation Day is coming up on 02 November 2023, with this year’s theme Digital Preservation: a Concerted Effort. It celebrates the work of the digital preservation community around the world, and the positive impact that looking after our digital information has in society. It’s not just archivists and librarians who are involved in data preservation, or who benefit from it – it’s anyone who wants to make sure that we can access information in the future.

Read about how the University of Melbourne is celebrating the Day in this post from the Digital Preservation Coalition’s blog. You can also check out the list of global events, and stay tuned for the updated Bit List of Endangered Digital Materials!

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