Truth 2018

In 2018 speakers included David Christian (Macquarie), Philip Pettit (ANU/Princeton), Harry Collins (Cardiff), and Greg Restall, Robyn Sloggett and Frederik Vervaet (SHAPS), who delivered public lectures on the subject of Truth.

Professor David Christian Big History & Truth: Knowledge as Mapping (co-hosted with the History Council of Victoria, this was also the 2018 Kathleen Fitzpatrick lecture) (19 April)

Professor Philip Pettit Truth, Free Speech and Free Science (16 May)

Professor Robyn Sloggett Truth & Authenticity (22 August)

Associate Professor Frederick Vervaet ‘Monarch by Universal Consent’: Revisiting Augustus’ Alternative Truth (2 October)

Professor Greg Restall Truth and Stereotypes (20 October)

Image: Grotesque, 2006. Photograph © Andrea Langanza via Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0