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  1. Melissa Afentoulis

    ‘Migration from Limnos to Australia: Re-discovering Identity, Belonging and “Home”‘ (PhD in History, 2019). This doctoral dissertation is a case study of migrants coming to Australia …


  2. Rustam Alexander

    Old Quad

    ‘Homosexuality in the USSR, 1956–82’ (PhD in History, 2018). This thesis investigates the history of debates on homosexuality in the Soviet Union under Khrushchev and Brezhnev. …


  3. Ross Barham

    Systems Garden

    ‘Davidson’s Objective — Language and The Concept of Objectivity’ (PhD in Philosophy, 2018). This thesis critically examines Donald Davidson’s claim that language plays a non-trivial role …


  4. Nicholas Barthel De Weydenthal

    ‘Risk and Organisation in Emergency and Environmental Management: A Philosophical and Ethnographic Investigation’ (PhD in History & Philosophy of Science, 2019). This thesis presents a novel …


  5. Jennifer Bowen

    Jennifer Bowen

    ‘A Clamour of Voices: Negotiations of Power and Purpose in Australian Spoken-word Radio from 1924 to 1942′ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis views the history …


  6. Shane Cahill

    ‘Visions of a Mutual Pacific Destiny: The Japan-Australia Society, 1896–1942’ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis examined the Japan-Australia Society from its 1928 founding until 1941. …


  7. Bren Carlill

    ‘An Impossible Peace?: A Re-Examination of the Israeli-Palestinian Dispute’ (PhD in History, 2019). This work argues that the Israeli-Palestinian dispute consists of multiple conflicts, and that …


  8. Andrea Cleland

    ‘The Pear Tree: Family Narratives of Post-War Greek Macedonian Migration to Australia’ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis examined how migrants who left Florina, Greece, in …


  9. Sarah Craze

    ‘Somali Piracy as a Manifestation of State Failure: A Historical Context for Somali Piracy and its Suppression‘ (PhD in History, 2019). This thesis establishes the Somali …


  10. Alex Elliott

    ‘The Later Roman Naval Forces of the Northern Frontier, 3rd–5th Centuries CE’ (MA in Classics & Archaeology, 2019). This MA thesis provides an overview of the …


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