Highlights in mathematical physics

I’m giving an informal talk in the series “Highlights in mathematical physics” organised by the mathematical physics group at Melbourne.

The talk will be this Friday 2-3pm, room 211 in David Caro Building / Physics:

Volker Schlue (05.08.2022): “Mathematical theory of black holes”

The other talks this semester are:

  • Anas Rahman (19.08.2022): “Some Applications of Random Matrix Theory: From Quantum Transport to 2D Gravity”
  • Tony Guttmann (02.09.2022): “Self-avoiding walks, and their relationship to other canonical models of mathematical physics”
  • Sasha Garbali (16.09.2022): “Statistical mechanics on two-dimensional lattices”
  • Nick Beaton (30.09.2022): “Physical knots”
  • Jean-Emile Bourgine (14.10.2022): “String theory as a framework for quantum field theories: geometric engineering and correspondences”