23 Research Things is back!

If there was ever a time to bring back the 23 Research Things, surely it had to be 2023. 

Now in its fourth iteration, 23 Research Things features 23 blog posts that this year are under the overarching theme of managing your research: working smarter not harder. 

Written by topic experts from across the University of Melbourne, the 800-word posts highlight topics, resources, and tools for researchers across all disciplines and career stages. Some topics are obvious, others may seem a little more abstract – but all are relevant to managing your research within the current landscape. As a bonus feature, some posts will include an interview with someone who has a practical working experience of the topic, providing a “thing in action” point of view.  

Keep up to date

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Thing schedule

Keep an eye out for two weekly Things beginning on Tuesday, 1 August 2023. Here’s a sneak peek of the topics – we’ll provide links to each post here as they are published:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Literature Reviews
  3. Digital Skills Training at the University of Melbourne
  4. Reference Management
  5. Project Management
  6. Building Research Teams
  7. Supervisor Relationships
  8. Sensitive Data
  9. Generative AI
  10. Open Access Publishing
  11. Copyright
  12. Time Management
  13. Visualising Data
  14. Archives and Special Collections
  15. Research Impact at the University of Melbourne
  16. Research Management as a Profession
  17. Human Research and Ethical Considerations
  18. Engaging with Social Media
  19. Digital Preservation
  20. Melbourne Figshare
  21. Notetaking
  22. Bibliometrics in Practice
  23. Using Publishing Metrics Ethically

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