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  1. Faithful and frightening: The Renaissance imagination explored

    A post by Mary Henkel who is an undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne studying Art History.

  2. Drawing detective: An intern’s perspective

    Snapshot interview with Research Assistant, drawings intern, IMaC award recipient and Melbourne University student, Sakina Nomanbhoy.

  3. Life imitates art: The Three Graces (1776)

    From painting, to print, to pic The Three Graces, housed in the Print Collection, is a 1776 print by Thomas Watson (1750-1781) after a 1773 painting …

  4. More than just a print collection

    Melbourne University Doctoral candidate Louise Voll Box writes in her newly published article that there is much to be revealed by examining the “lives” of the …

  5. Interning at the Baillieu: Print Collection Research Assistant

    Snapshot interview with Research Assistant, Rembrandt etchings intern and Melbourne University student Ada Coxall, who is currently researching information about prints that are going to feature in …

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