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  1. Ary featured in Grains Research and Development Corporation video: Redlegged Earth Mite – resistance evolution


  2. Jessica Chung – bioinformatician, data wrangler

    Words: Tim Thwaites, Science writer Banner image credit Casamento Photography Tracking disease-carrying mosquitoes, helping to conserve mountain pygmy possums, stopping the spread of dengue fever, studying …


  3. Variability in mosquito host-seeking ability

    Words and images: Meng-Jia Lau Behaviour is one of the most complex study areas in biology because it involves a combination of many factors that are …


  4. Faster and cheaper without compromising quality

    Words: Nick Bell When our scientific endeavours leave the lab and move into real-world deployment, a number of challenges crop up. Aside from obvious issues around …


  5. Finding “Nosy Tiger’s” and other oddly named freshwater invertebrates

    Words – Eddie Tsrline Images – Eddie Tsyrlin and John Gooderham  Towbiters, water scorpions and Nosy Tigers. These are just some the colourful names given to …


  6. Establishment of Wolbachia Strain wAlbB in Malaysian Populations of Aedes aegypti for Dengue Control

    Our freshly published open access paper in Current Biology is the culmination of several years of work with a large team of very talented and dedicated …


  7. Lab-reared mosquitoes maintain their lust for blood

    Words and images: Perran Ross Modified mosquitoes raised in laboratories are being released into the wild in disease control programs. These mosquitoes will still bite you, …


  8. Getting revegetation right with genetics

    This article was first published on Pursuit. Read the original article. Professor Ary Hoffmann Eucalypts, wattles, banksias, grevilleas and other Australian native plants are some of …


  9. Investigating metamorphosis

    Words: Véronique Paris Cover image art: © Marianne Coquilleau & Butterfly Adventures Almost every child is familiar with the famous story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, illustrating …


  10. Rediscovering a ‘lost’ species

    This article was first published on Pursuit. Read the original article. Associate Professor Michael Kearney and Professor Ary Hoffmann People usually go to cemeteries to visit …


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