Disruptive Digital Archiving – Wiley Research Webinars


Archives play a special role in protecting the truth about history. They are the homes for our collective memory and a vital source of trusted evidence of the past. The shift towards digital transforms every aspect of the archival landscape, from appraisal and selection, to preservation, access, presentation and use.

Platforms for digital archives need to develop new capabilities to ensure continuous discovery and usage. In this webinar, John Sheridan, the Digital Director at The UK National Archives will discuss disruptive digital archiving, the opportunities for digital transformation and how does the archive best respond.

Key highlights:

  • Creating the disruptive digital archive
  • Extending the archives reach and engaging new audiences using the web
  • Developing digital archival capability, skills and culture

Date and time: 27 September 2018 3:30pm SGT (5:30pm AEST)

Speaker’s profile:

John Sheridan is the Digital Director at The National Archives, UK with overall responsibility for the organization’s digital services and digital archiving capability. His role is to provide strategic direction, developing the people and capability needed for The National Archives to become a disruptive digital archive.

This webinar is targeted at leaders in libraries and archives as well as researchers working with archival collections.

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