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    Researcher@Library Program Officer and a social scientist in the making.

  1. The Ultimate List of 21 Free and Open Source Data Visualisation Tools

    Visualisation can be effective when communicating complex research. Data visualisations – which may take the form of charts or graphs, diagrams, images, animations and infographics – …


  2. Dimensions for Faculty Research Managers and research support staff

    Last week on the Researcher@Library blog, we re-introduced Dimensions. This is a research insights platform that brings together grants, publications, citations, alternative metrics, and policy documents. …


  3. “Re-imagining discovery and access to research”: Dimensions for HASS researchers

    Dimensions is a dynamic, easy to use, linked-research data platform that re-imagines the way research can be discovered, accessed and analyzed.  Within Dimensions, users can explore the …


  4. Video storytelling evenings: Winter series

    The University of Melbourne Learning Environments team has put together a great initiative of five events, Video storytelling evenings – Winter series. The team is extremely …


  5. Research discovery 101: The Observatory of International Research

    Ever find yourself lost in the search for new research in your field? Many research discovery tools deem either too demanding or not trustworthy enough to …


  6. Mobilising knowledge for policy and practice: research translation, research impact and what this means for you

    Research translation, or knowledge mobilization, is regarded as increasingly important activity as governments and the broader public demand that publicly-funded research has ‘real-world’ impact. Furthermore, as …


  7. Self-service recording pod at the University of Melbourne

    Ever dreamt of recording your own podcast? The University of Melbourne offers the self-service recording pod (humbly pictured above). This facility is located in the Baillieu …


  8. Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries Online (Trial ends 23 April 2019)

    This database trial ends 23 April 2019. This online reference work reconstructs the lexicon for the most important languages and language branches of Indo-European. It is …


  9. UoM Wiki Agenda (UMWA) Community of Practice Meeting April 2019

    UoM Wiki Agenda (UMWA) presents the April Wikipedia meet-up: Friday 5th April 2019, 12.30-2.00pm.  Dulcie Hollyock Room, Baillieu Library At our upcoming April meetup, we will join …


  10. E-Resources@UoM: New Safari Books Online

    The new platform is a comprehensive repository of business and technology resources that help prepare students for today’s technology-dependent workforce. Unlike Classic Safari, New Safari offers an unlimited …


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