News and Upcoming Events for May 2023

Throughout 2023 at the end of each month the Scholarly Development (Research) team will provide a snapshot of relevant scholarly research support news and events for the coming month.

Researcher@Library Webinars

Researcher@Library webinars are back for 2023.

Check out and register for Researcher@Library offerings for the month of May:

Introduction to Research Metrics: an overview and update for librarians, professional staff and researchers
Metrics and evidence of research impact for ARC applications: STEMM
Metrics and evidence of research impact for ARC applications: HASS
Advanced benchmarking for research managers
Beyond traditional metrics: Finding alternative evidence of impact and engagement

More information:

Upcoming Exhibition: Grainger Amplified

Opening in May, the exhibition Grainger Amplified, immerses the visitor in the world that Percy Grainger envisaged for his original displays from the 1930s to 1950s. These include collection materials from Grainger’s iconic ‘free music’ machines—both the originals and playable replicas—to items illustrating his life and time

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2023 Open Access Publishing Agreements

Missed the session, you can watch the recording here:


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