Xavier Busuttil-Crellin

Who am I?

I am a friend, an ally, and a father of many plants and fish.

But one of the coolest things that I am is a Biomedical Scientist!

“Does this mean you make Frankenstein’s monster in the lab?”

No, not exactly…

Since starting my career in biomedical research, it has become clear to me how many people often view scientists.

We may be portrayed as evil genius’, or heroes who have found another potential cure for cancer.

The reality is that we are just nerds, who love to learn a lot about things, and share this love with others!

Science communication has shown me that understanding and communicating science requires an understanding of the audience to which we are communicating with. As scientists, we are classically trained to use academic jargon to report our findings to a scientific audience, which doesn’t work all the time!

SciComm has equipped me with the crucial skills of communicating my research effectively with my supervisor, colleagues and the broader community, and enabled me to share my passion with others.

Since graduating, I have commenced a career in understanding the development of the immune system. I work with colleagues internationally to understand how we can use this knowledge to treat chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Blood Cancers.