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  1. Celebrating Student Successes in History & Ancient World Studies

    As the year draws to a close, we look back on the achievements of our students, awarded prizes in 2021 for their outstanding work in History and Ancient World studies. Winner of the 2021 Gyles Turner Prize, Maya Del Rio Reddan The Gyles Turner Prize is awarded annually for an undergraduate essay in Australian history. […]

  2. Our Mental Health Has Gone Digital

    Apps, wearables and ingestibles that support digital mental health have lowered barriers to access but have profound social, ethical, and legal implications. In this extract from her new book, The Artefacts of Digital Mental Health, and republished here from Pursuit, Dr Jacinthe Flore (HPS) new digital mental health technologies and their impact.  In April 2022, The […]

  3. Introducing Dr Pete Millwood, Lecturer in East Asian History

    We are delighted to welcome Dr Pete Millwood, who recently joined SHAPS as our newly appointed Lecturer in East Asian History. Dr Millwood is a historian of the Chinese world’s international and transnational relations, especially with the United States. He obtained his doctorate in History at St Antony’s College, Oxford, in 2018, and has held […]

  4. SHAPS Digest (November 2023)

    A monthly roundup of media commentary, publications, projects and other news from across the School community.

  5. Ridley Scott: Historians Need to ‘Get a Life’

    Napoleon director Ridley Scott is calling on us historians to “get a life” – and he has a point. Art is about more than historical facts. SHAPS Emeritus Professor Peter McPhee discusses the movie and the director’s stance in this article, republished from The Conversation. The release of Napoleon unleashed a torrent of objections to […]

  6. Conversations with Australian Philosophers

    Daniel Nellor’s book, What Are They Thinking? Conversations with Australian Philosophers (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2023), features interviews with ten philosophers working in Australian universities today, including SHAPS philosophers Margaret Cameron, Chris Cordner and Dan Halliday. They discuss the nature of philosophy and why it’s valuable, and think through some of the big questions on their […]

  7. Annual Fellows’ Research Day

    On 21 July 2023, the SHAPS Fellows & Friends of History held the annual Fellows’ Research Day. Fay Woodhouse wrote an overview of the day for Forum, discussing the speakers and their topics, as well as other enjoyable aspects of the day. The Annual SHAPS Fellows’ Research Day, held on a predictably cold Melbourne morning […]

  8. SHAPS Digest (October 2023)

    A monthly roundup of media commentary, publications, projects and other news from across the School community.

  9. Remembering and Forgetting the Dead

    Ancient Celtic Halloween ­­– or All Hallow’s Eve ­– was a day to acknowledge the dead. Modern rituals of marking death continue this tradition, both remembering and letting go. In this article, republished from Pursuit, two of the DeathTech Research team –SHAPS’s Mike Arnold, together with Tamara Kohn (School of Social and Political Sciences) – discuss […]

  10. Marles Medal for Professor Robyn Sloggett

    Professor Robyn Sloggett was awarded the 2021 Marles Medal in Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Melbourne in recognition of her extraordinary achievements as a scholar and practitioner of cultural materials conservation whose work has had far-reaching impact both within and beyond the academy. Robyn is both a pioneer and a revolutionary force: […]

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