Busy Bee

I didn’t know uni was going to get this hectic. but I’m enjoying it because I don’t have to time to complain about being bored right now. Recently I joined the Softball club and I had a great first game today. Just balancing Dance and Softball with work and uni has kept me on my toes, however I’ve managed to squeeze in some time for myself as self care time is very important for everyone. With all the MSTs coming to an end, it is now the grace period before exam season begins. I know I’m early but I’ve decided to start studying little by little from now as I know no matter when I start, I’m going to be stressing and hecticly doing work right before my exams. Also, I had an adventerous Wednesday when my friend and I went searching for a crepe cake shop as we went to the wrong entrance and nearly went up to someone’s apartment which was scary. Anyways steering away from randomness I just want to encourage everyone to start revising little by little from now because I feel like the month is going to whizz past, but also be kind to yourselves and have some relaxation time.

Signing off for May 😀

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  1. Regular revision (even in short sessions) is key – and much less daunting than leaving it all until the end of semester. Great work!

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