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  1. Contribute to the First Year Diaries blog in 2023

    The First Year Diaries blog is currently in its 18th year of giving first years the space to share their experiences of starting and surviving uni with others. Future students and fellow first years from Melbourne and around the world read the blog to find out what uni is really like, day to day. To apply to […]

  2. Science Case Competition

    I got my badge on Badgr!! You may ask what a Badgr is. So Badgr is the University’s digital credentialing platform. Once you set up an account you will have permanent access to your digital credentials, even after you graduate. So you may still be confused with what the badge on Badgr can show.Once you […]

  3. Introducing Captain Hook

    Hi everyone! I am Captain Hook. I am a second year Bachelor of Biomed student. I am an international student here, from a country that is 8689 kms away from Melbourne (I will leave it with you guys to guess the country! hint: super famous for the garments industry). Now, you guys might be curious […]

  4. School days

    It’s another day in the classroom. As you may recall, I’m studying my Master in Education. I’m currently doing casual relief teaching, which involves teaching/supervising students in a school. It’s good being in the classroom, especially when you’re studying, because you’re able to apply what you’re learning and see the visible benefit of your studies. […]

  5. Dear Dreamer

    This is an excerpt of my made-up diary: Dear Dreamer, Did you really think that you would become a University of Melbourne blogger? You put it out there into the universe, and you did it. You’re an official blogger for ‘The First Year Diaries’, you should be proud of yourself. Did you really think that […]

  6. Mozzies & mid-sem break

    How are you guys? I’m really not a winter or cold or rain or dark-in-the-mornings kinda person but I really do look forward to all the bloody mozzies disappearing in a few weeks time. ugh. During the 10 minutes which I have been in my bedroom lying working on my laptop, I have already killed […]

  7. Check-In Time #10 – the mystery of recess week

    2:05am, Singapore. At this point, I have no hope in my sleep schedule anymore – there’s never a day I sleep before 3am, let alone 12am. Even during recess week which is supposed to be for relaxing. Good news is that I just cleared an assignment, so the main priority for this week is down! […]

  8. Check in time #9 – one more check in till the 10th one!

    1:08am, Singapore. Yeap, evening again, in classic Charlene style. (I just downloaded Grammarly by the way, not sure why it wasn’t there earlier as I had Grammarly way back but here it is back again!) So… this would be the most grammatically correct check-in time! 😉 How’s everyone doing? End of Week 4 huh… the […]

  9. How is it March already?

    Can anyone believe we’re already 2 months into 2021? I remember at New Year’s, uni start felt still ages away. Here we are now, first day of week 1. How’s everyone doing? I’ve got all my tutes on Mondays which is one busy day then but leaves the rest of the week free for work […]

  10. Check In-Time #8-a half asleep rambling

    2:42am, Singapore. Currently doing some boring administrative things such as clearing my inbox. My, it has been a long while since I last blogged- I daresay it has been more than a month already. I originally wanted to do a blogpost for Lunar New Year, since I celebrate it in Singapore with my family. However […]

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