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  1. Autumn check in

    Autumn on campus is so pretty! Of course I know leaves come from trees but it seems like it’s always been leaves on tree -> leaves on ground. I don’t know how this is the first time I’ve ever seen a soft rain of leaves. I also never knew vines could turn red. Red blooms over […]

  2. Busy Bee

    I didn’t know uni was going to get this hectic. but I’m enjoying it because I don’t have to time to complain about being bored right now. Recently I joined the Softball club and I had a great first game today. Just balancing Dance and Softball with work and uni has kept me on my […]

  3. Coffee, Essays and other Melbourne things [Lily]

    I’ve done it. I’ve finally done it. Today, April 30 2024, marks the day that I’ve finally had a coffee at Melbourne University. It also marks the first time that I’ve ordered my own coffee, strangely enough. I was always scared I would order wrong. Turns out asking for a small chai latte isn’t actually […]

  4. Tis The MST Season

    Tis The MST season, but definitely not a period to be jolly. By the way, if you haven’t come across MST before for some reason, it stands for ‘mid semester test’. I had my first one last Friday and I have my last one this coming Tuesday. It’s not really the studying that is tiring […]

  5. Post Mid Sem Break Check In Check Out

    (or, a series of unrelated observations) It’s Pepper! You would not believe the amount of half-written blog drafts I have sitting around collecting dust already. It seems I’ve been yearning for a writing project, and now that I have one, I’m so pleased that I don’t know what to do with myself. Alas.  We’ve just […]

  6. Existential crisis counter: I

    Three days into the mid-sem break: one day’s worth of public holiday, two days worth of weekend, and all I had done was shut myself up in my room with my timers and coffee and go in circles with my philosophy essay (due on the Monday at midnight). I only get one week off, whereas […]

  7. Meet the Blogger: Lily

    I don’t feel like introductions are my strong point. I freeze up and forget everything there is to say about myself. But I’m a firm believer that every person is a fascinating microcosm of ideas, ideals, histories and dreams, so I should refrain from selling myself short and keeping information about myself close to my […]

  8. Assignments Galore

    Don’t worry I’m not going to be complaining about how I need to figure out supply and demand curves or how I need to somehow make my balance sheet actually balance, but I am going to say that the assignments really did sneak up on me. When the assignment dates were mentioned earlier in the […]

  9. Being an NPC is nice

    I look around the grand cavernous mouth of my first ever lecture theatre, and not a single face do I recognise. Not one single face in that field of faces lit sharply by the too bright alternating white and yellow lights.  Do you know what this means? This means no one knows me. No longer […]

  10. It’s a Process [Clay]

    Howdy Folks, It is currently 9:26 pm on Sunday the 17th, and instead of doing any of the readings I promised myself I would finish this weekend or maybe starting the essay draft my tutor wanted to go over on Wednesday, I’m writing my silly little blog posts and ignoring all of my responsibilities. It’s […]

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