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  1. 2020 vision and a little hindsight

    In defence of this year, 2020 has been a year of growth, of opportunity and of experience. The year, like many other catastrophic world events, has humbled us and brought us together to remember the important elements of life. It has long been touted as the most important aspect to one’s life, and that is […]

  2. The sun’s come out to play

    The sun, the glorious sun has come out to play, to lighten our Christmas period with warmth and festivities. I can’t really think of much to write in this blog. I’ve read, y’alls reflection on 2020 posts and think they were great. As for me, I’ve too finalised my enrolment and soon I imagine I […]

  3. Formula H1 Racing

    I would have loved to have been a Formula 1 racing car driver, leaning into those curves around the sharp bends in the track and speeding along the straights. Instead, I became a lawyer and then a teacher. I’ve had a number of different jobs, sometimes after one contract ends, I feel like calling out […]

  4. From Passes to Honours, and everything in between

    Honour the work that you’ve done so far. Draw strength from your failures and use momentum to create your next masterpiece. Enjoy the rhythm of working, of studying, of writing assignments. Write essays when you feel inspired, when the words pour forth from you effortlessly. Edit papers in quiet solitude and reveal the gems in […]

  5. How does ‘Zoom university’ affect our test scores

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  face to face lectures have become unachievable. In order to handle this unprecedented crisis, ‘Zoom University’ is deemed to be currently the only viable option we have that allows students to continue their education without the threat of COVID-19. The University of Melbourne is undoubtedly no exemption. Ever since March, […]

  6. Coming Home

    Lectures, Orientation Week, and student theatre – it’s was all online. It’s like the whole world took a massive Swot Vac and we had to learn the basics again. Everything was transported online, and almost overnight our same-same lives became very different. Studying at my new virtual learning hub – The University of Melbourne, feels […]

  7. Procrastination and Lack of Motivation: Killers of Students

    I have a lot of work to do. I have three assessments due in the coming days and I am nowhere near done. Nevertheless, in my stress I decided that this is such a #UniMoment and what better way to document it for everyone to learn from than writing a blog post. But also I’m […]

  8. Best places to study in SWOTVAC

    I have discovered that the best time to be in the library is on holidays – all I currently see is a barren wasteland of empty chairs and the occasional person hiding behind a laptop. This is completely the opposite to the SWOTVAC library experience were where hunting for chairs is the norm and there […]

  9. Student accommodation in first year – do it!!!

    Hello friends, it’s been a while! Pretty much over two months – I do apologise. But I’m here to tell you guys something every up and coming first year should be made aware of. Now, full disclaimer, I understand that university accommodation isn’t within everyone’s price range. Some of the uni colleges are approx. $30 […]

  10. I can’t stress this enough

    Hunched upon my bed (terrible posture) at 10:41 p.m. in the night, I realized what I want to write about.   Stress. I’d like to think that I’m good at managing stress. But others refuse to agree. It’s debatable, okay? Life is an amalgamation of various sources of stress. I can’t explain how, but everything […]

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