And that’s it!

The end of week 12. Holy crap. When I started my first tutorial all the way back in February I couldn’t even imagine getting to the end of my first year of university- 1/3 of the way through undergraduate. Then on to bigger and better things! Hopefully!

Anyone else got a huge crunch for exams? If I’m being honest, I picked my discipline classes partially because I knew they wouldn’t have exams, just essays. But karma always wins because my essays are due in a two week period while I also have an exam in the middle of it! What a winner, right? On top of trying to pack up & fly home, and hang out with my friends until we’re woefully separated for three months. How did it end up being that sem 2 is so much harder than sem 1? I was told by a few people that semester 2 is harder but of course I thought I was the exception and of course- I’m not. (So if anyone else is struggling with their grades this semester, you aren’t alone!!) On the bright side, all of my classes have been super interesting this semester (aside from one class I dropped that just didn’t vibe with me), so at least I’m busy doing work I love. I could be doing math again! I do not miss high school!

I think some of my big advice for this year/semester is to take advantage of what the uni offers in terms of academic help, start your assignments As Early As You Possibly Can, go to your lectures even if you really want to stay in bed and always, always, always make sure you eat enough when you go out drinking. The amount of classes I’ve missed because I’ve been in bed or hunched over the toilet bowl puking my guts out is starting to get a bit unfunny. Maybe that’s why this year has gone by so quickly- at least a week and a half has been spent lying in bed pitifully trying to keep down some actual food and telling myself I’ll never drink again (always a lie). Seriously, if you’re going to go out and have a good time, taking care of yourself is important. Speaking as someone who can’t drink wine because of a few unfortunate decisions, it’s not worth it.

Onto lighter news, I’m writing this blog post so I don’t have to study for my linguistics exam. Coming from the US, where we get very specific instructions on what our exam will cover, having to study an entire semester of content Just In Case is a mountain of work. I’m about two pages into my fat stack of study sheets that I printed at the library and I’ve already circled about 15 terms I do not remember learning. Pray for me guys, maybe if I start crying in the exam hall my professor will take pity on me and give me a few pity points. Hopefully next year I can come back for the second year diaries. If there’s one thing I love writing about- it’s myself. I’m also incredibly bruised from lightly bumping into things (low iron gang rise up! Then sit back down so we don’t pass out), it seems like every day I find a new spot where I smacked into a wall and my body took it as a personal attack. I’m starting to apply for jobs over the summer with exactly zero responses, despite the fact that I’m so incredibly hire-able. I mean, what about ‘I’m free all the time 24/7 please give me a job’ is turning the employers away? I’m practically on my knees here. Also, one of my friends found this blog, which is super messed up considering this is my very public private diary that nobody should actually be reading, ever. In fact, if you’re reading this right now I have to ask you to stop invading my intentional lack of privacy. Stalkerrrrr.

There’s something so upsetting about having to wash your sheets at night. It’s my fault for eating bread in bed but if I wasn’t supposed to do it, it wouldn’t sound so catchy. Right now the only thing I want to do is spend hours on my phone before finally passing out in the middle of a You-tube video but I have to wait for the dryer to load. And I’m NOT doing my work. It’s 10:55 pm! I should be snuggled under the covers right now! If I go and study for my exam I’m considering it an affront to God. So instead I’m going to go lie on my sheet-less bed and try not to fall asleep without any pillowcases.


Amity x

2 thoughts on “And that’s it!

  1. i always look forward to your posts as they’re so sincere and funny. can relate to this being a public private diary >:D I WANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD BUT TO BE UNDERSTOOD I MUST BE KNOWN???

  2. 100% agree with Lizzy – your posts are amazing! The washing/drying/remaking the bed torture is real. 🙂 And I can totally relate to bumping into things!! Take care and hope you’ve secured your dream summer job while you take a break from study.

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