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  1. Arriving into April (Eleanor)

    So, somehow we’ve made it. Four weeks in and ready to face the assessment wave after SWOT vac – Study With Out Teaching vacation. Hopefully it presented a chance to redeem all those missed lectures and work hard, otherwise it can become a Silly Waste Of Time instead. Almost like a flashback to the last […]


  2. Hi, my name is… (Katherine Olivia)

    You may know me from the time I fell down the stairs walking into my AusPol lecture, or perhaps you’ve seen me nestled under a tree on South Lawn, enjoying the plethora of free food opportunities we always seem to have on campus. For everyone else, an introduction is in order! I’m Katherine, another newbie […]


  3. It's Madeline, It's Madeline (Madeleine Lily)

    Hello friends! I hope you all got the reference to the cartoon show, circa 1990. If not, here is a picture of her looking adorable as always, and my condolences for your depleted childhood! So “Madeline” and I share the same name, if you didn’t already figure, but that’s about the extent of our similarities. […]


  4. Well alright!

    Hello everyone! My name is Lois (pronounced Low-iss, like out of Family Guy/Superman… it’s not “Louis” which I get called a surprising amount), and I am a first year student blogger, beginning at the University of Melbourne in 2010 (in about… 1 weeks time?!) I thought that as a first post, I should probably just […]


  5. At the risk of looking over-enthusiastic… (Cristina)

    I mean, it’s entirely possible that by the time I actually get around to publishing this, everyone else would have already uploaded their first blog; nevertheless, as the time of writing this sentence, there do not appear to be any other introductory blogs written by the 2010 First_Year@UniMelb bloggers. So I guess I’m first off […]


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