It's Madeline, It's Madeline (Madeleine Lily)

Hello friends! I hope you all got the reference to the cartoon show, circa 1990. If not, here is a picture of her looking adorable as always, and my condolences for your depleted childhood!

So “Madeline” and I share the same name, if you didn’t already figure, but that’s about the extent of our similarities. Unfortunately, I am not a cute little French girl, walking around Paris with a tribe of cute little French friends and a cute little French puppy. Damn do I envy her! However, I have been to Paris and, well j’adore!

Before I get too nostalgic, let me introduce myself… I am somewhat of a world traveler Although I have lived near Melbourne for most of my life, I was born in Indonesia, lived in Singapore and sporadically travelled Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, Switzerland and Europe. I am incredibly open to new experiences and love talking with and meeting new people. I believe that there is no better way to explore your city (or campus) by foot. I tell you what, we are now months in to the year and I still get hopelessly lost at Uni, this place is like it’s own village! Despite my “wanderlust”, I am a homebody at heart. The familiar feel of my own bed, warm slippers and a home cooked meal cannot be paralleled!

I have chosen an Arts and Psychology course here at MU. It combines my passion for understanding humans and the workings of the mind. I aspire to one day use this knowledge to help individuals live happier and more fulfilled lives. Other than psychology, I’m also doing some English courses; literature and media. Writing, reading and expressing… If assignments and exams didn’t exist, I would be in heaven!

Hmmm, what else… I’m a bit of a health freak; I love to get the endorphins flowing with a brisk run, yoga or fitness class. I’m an avid animal lover, horse-rider and golden-retriever owner. It would only seem fitting that I have been vegetarian for 8 years. My hobbies are pretty diverse; you might find me gardening, painting or lurking around a farmers market. But at the same time I am partial to a good shopping spree, and a self confessed fashion junkie/binge watcher of trashy television. Somewhere between that I fit in time to study.

I’m looking forward to my first year at Melbourne University, and sharing my perspectives and experiences with you all!
‘Til next time! Have a great week all of you, I’m off to Rowden Library to (not) study 😉

4 thoughts on “It's Madeline, It's Madeline (Madeleine Lily)

  1. “Writing, reading, and expressing”. You’ve just listed my top 3 fav things to do! I was reading your post and I found myself nodding to myself all the way and thinking: “Wow! I got so much similarities with her. This is so cool!” So yeah, I’m nuts about exercising and a balance diet. I totally get your love to have a lil sweat with a good workout 🙂 One more thing, I’m born in Indonesia as well. Like how awesome is that? Okay I should probably stop right now cos I’m babbling like there’s no tomorrow. I guess I could bump into you in Rowden then (when I’m not studying as well) lol

  2. Love the reference to Madeline, brings back so many childhood memories…ahhh nostalgia.
    Do you do any of the yoga classes on campus? With one of the clubs or at the gym? I’m interested in starting at uni because I’m there a lot plus meeting other people would be great.

  3. I’ve joined the Bhakti Yoga club, except they sometimes clash with my lectures. Very cheap membership for $2 and that gives you free access to yoga, plus they are always doing free vegan lunches! Check out their website on UMSU 🙂
    The yoga classes were too boring for me at the gym, but that might just me being picky 😉
    Definitely get involved! I’d love to join you…

  4. I’m so sorry I just saw that you replied! So apologies for my late replies.
    I’m thinking of trying the Bhakti Yoga club tomorrow but I’m a little nervous haha. Hopefully it goes well. I do like the sound of vegan lunch as well 🙂
    We should definitely yoga some time 🙂

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