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  1. Hello, it’s Alice :)

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid ” – Albert Einstein Starting university can be a scary but exciting thing. Making sure we know our own capabilities and believing in ourselves is essential to […]


  2. Veterinarian? Sociologist? Dancer? Hmm

    ¡Buenas tardes! I’m Nicole, a Jaffy (Just Another Fabulous First Year) Bachelor of Arts student, though if I’m being honest I should probably tell you that this is my third degree, officially Mature Age now. Yes, I have an addiction and it is called Learning. *sigh* The path to where I am now hasn’t been […]


  3. The Winter Not-So Blues (Kat)

    If you’re a first year like me, when you think of fresh starts, you probably think of flipping the calendar to February; where a ‘first day back’ filled with whispers of summer adventure, long queues at the Co-Op and the remnants of patchy sunburn, awaits. A completely clean slate, with new subjects, new classes and […]


  4. With a Little Help from My Friends

    Studying as a Jaffy first-year student is not easy. From the expectations to listen and understand most, if not all the lectures, the assignments that you have to hand in before its due (and the notion that you’re still working on it creeping up to you everyday until you hand it in), and the readings/problem booklet/quizzes […]


  5. Tuesdays with Eyre?

    It’s been a week, and thankfully, it’s non-teaching period for whole week here in Melbourne. Time to finally catch up on those lecture recordings you promise you’d watch tomorrow, get a serious dig-in/leg-up on your assignments, and if you miraculously get to the bottom of the work pile, you earned yourself a breather for the […]


  6. First Impressions (Eyre)

    First posts, while they don’t come big, they don’t come often either, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say hello to you, dear reader. After some thought on approaches, I think my pick would be the AA-style you’d see on movies and TV. Here we go.