Raphael Confirms

Congratulations to Raphael, who presented (and passed!) his confirmation seminar yesterday.

Raphael’s work investigates the use of vibrotactile actuators placed on bony parts of the body (such as the elbow) as a mechanism for providing feedback about a prosthetic to its user.

The UoM and Fourier Intelligence Robotics Lab Officially Opens

On Friday 8th February 2019, the University of Melbourne and Fourier Intelligence Robotics Laboratory was officially opened. The Opening Ceremony was conducted within the Space Lab facilities at the University of Melbourne. Introductions were given by A/Prof. Denny Oetomo and Fourier Intelligence CEO Alex Gu before the Laboratory was officially opened by Dean of the Melbourne School of Engineering, Professor Mark Cassidy.

Visitors were then treated to tours of the laboratory space proper, with demonstrations of the rehabilitation robots and facilities were conducted.

We were thrilled to have almost 50 guests in attendance, and would like to thank everyone for their support and contribution to progressing the laboratory to this point. We look forward to seeing you all in the future as we continue our scientific progress in the field of assistive and rehabilitative robotics!

Gijo’s Thesis is Complete!

Hot on the heels of Wences’ thesis submission, Gijo has also completed his thesis.

Gijo will be continuing at the University of Melbourne in a Post Doctoral position – we’re more than happy to have him here.

Well done Gijo!

Gijo Completes!

In the excitement of the holiday break, we’ve forgotten to announce that Gijo Sebastian has presented his completion seminar on the 21st of December. Gijo’s work presented a number of new results on iterative learning control, and has resulted in many publications, which you can read on our Publications page.

Congratulations Gijo!

Introducing Dr Michael (Man Choong) Lei!

Michael Lei is now Dr Michael Lei after his attending his graduation last week. Michael’s thesis investigated how the wrapping of the cable in a cable-driven parallel manipulator (CDPM) can be modelled and exploited for actuation.

You can read all about it in his thesis here.

Congratulations Dr Lei!

ACRA 2018, ANZCC 2018 and NER 2019

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for conferences in the lab.

Denny and Raphael travelled to Lincoln – a town just outside Christchurch in New Zealand for the Annual Australian Control, Robotics and Automation Conference (ACRA). At the conference, Raphael presented on his work investigating the suitability of bone conduction transducers as a feedback mechanism for prostheses.

Two presentations were also made at the Australia and New Zealand Control Conference held in our home city of Melbourne. This included Gijo’s work on Iterative Learning Control entitled “Iterative Learning Control for Linear Time-varying Systems with Input and Output Constraints”.

And Florence’s work on Surgical Robotics – “Robustness Evaluation of Internal Model Principle-Based Controller in a Magnetically Actuated Surgical System” – which won the best interactive presentation prize. Congratulations Florence!

Finally, we have also recently had two papers accepted for the 9th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER19), to be held in March in San Francisco, USA, next year! Well done to Jing and Vincent who led these two papers.

You can view the finalised papers on our Publications Page.

Wences’ Completion

Congratulations to Wences, who presented his completion seminar last Monday. His research into robust object manipulation with a view to prosthetic applications has produced some very impressive results (see the Publications Page).

Wences will be heading to Europe for a post doctoral position next year.

Well done Wences!

We’ve Moved!

The Human-Robotics Laboratory has moved to new offices at the Space Lab – up just one floor from our old location.

Our new facilities come equipped with new facilities including sit-stand desks, new monitors and docking stations, meeting rooms and a well-equipped kitchen. We’re looking forward to making the most of our new home.

Wences is particularly happy with the move.

Congratulations Florence!

After submitting her thesis a couple of weeks ago, Florence has already landed a job at Axxin – a company which provides platforms and diagnostic products for biomedical applications. Florence will be starting as a Systems Engineer very soon.

Well done Florence – we’ll miss you and Lil Pumpkin around the lab.

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