Research Higher Degree (PhD/MPhil) Candidates




  • Yu Xia
    Yu Xia, PhD (2023) – currently Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Melbourne
  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson, PhD (2023) – currently Research Engineer at the University of Melbourne
  • Jing Mu
    Jing Mu, PhD (2023) – currently Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Melbourne and Co-Founder at Virtetic
  • Raphael Maria Mayer
    Raphael Maria Mayer, PhD (2022) – currently Co-Founder and CTO at Virtetic
  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen, MPhil (2022) – currently R&D Director at Fourier Intelligence
  • Lawrence (Zheyu) Liu
    Lawrence (Zheyu) Liu, MPhil (2022) – currently Co-Founder and CTO of Aura Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd
  • Gijo Sebastian
    Gijo Sebastian, former Post-Doctoral Fellow (2019-2021), PhD (2019) – currently Guidance, Navigation & Control Engineer at BAE Systems Australia
  • Ricardo Farcia Rosas
    Ricardo Garcia Rosas, PhD (2020) – currently Co-Founder and CEO at Virtetic
  • Lei Lu
    Lei Lu, former Post-Doctoral Fellow (2019-2020) – currently Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at King’s College London
  • Michael Munforte
    Michael Munforte, Sadly passed away whilst completing his PhD in 2019
  • Wences Shaw-Cortez
    Wences Shaw-Cortez, PhD (2019) – currently Post-Doctoral Researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
  • Florence Leong
    Florence Leong, PhD (2019) – currently Post-Doctoral Researcher at Imperial College, London
  • Michael Lei
    Michael Lei, PhD (2018) – currently working on a Startup in Macau
  • Jonathan Eden
    Jonathan Eden, PhD (2018) – currently Lecturer in this lab
  • Justin Fong
    Justin Fong, PhD (2017) – currently Post Doctoral Fellow in this lab
  • Rina Shvartsman
    Rina Shvartsman, PhD (2016) – currently Associate Lecturer, Dept Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne
  • Hadiyanto Sugianto
    Hadiyanto Sugianto, PhD (2016) – currently Engineer at Promech Mechanical Services
  • Benjamin Leng Vongchanh
    Benjamin Leng Vongchanh, MPhil (2016) – currently working at Boeing Australia
  • Shou Han Zhou
    Shou Han Zhou, PhD (2015), MPhil (2010) – currently Research Fellow at Monash University
  • Darwin Lau
    Darwin Lau, PhD (2014) – currently Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Rhys Davis
    Rhys Davis, MPhil (2012) – currently Co-Founder at dealPad
  • Stephen Roosen
    Stephen Roosen, MPhil (2012) – currently Senior Software Engineer at Arbiter Modelling Systems
  • Kishor Bhalerao
    Kishor Bhalerao, former Post-Doctoral fellow (2010-2012), currently Applied Scientist at Amazon Robotics