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  1. Modern living was for sale in Second World War Melbourne – but only in the right streets

    Patrick Gigacz ‘Paid £120 extra for H.W.S. [hot water service], electric stove and extras … W.C. [water closet – toilet] will be inside when sewerage put …


  2. The Rise of Chinese Australians’ Box Hill: A Comparative History Review

    Shouyue Zhang Today’s Box Hill in Greater Melbourne is widely recognised as a vibrant Asian community and the most populous Chinese-Australian enclave in Victoria. In 2021, …


  3. From Below: Working-Class Perceptions of Post-War Australia

    Jacobin Bosman Picture Footscray. What comes to mind? The answer, at least for Melbournians, is probably some variation on the setting for 1992’s Romper Stomper with …


  4. The Henderson Poverty Report: ‘The First of its Kind’

    Yichen Wang, Elizabeth Sim, Chante Mullins, & Megan Grove The archives relating to the Henderson Poverty Report provide not only an insight into early theorisations of …


  5. Early Views of Nuclear and the Anti-Nuclear Movement

    David Trevorrow, Jessica Cunnington, & Clare Thorpe The Records of the Congress for International Cooperation and Disarmament offer a fascinating insight into the history of the …


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