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  1. Wyverns, gryphons and acorns amidst the foliage: two rare early 16th century bindings by Nicholas Spierinck uncovered in the Rare Books Collection

    What makes working with rare books so intriguing is the opportunity it delivers to follow a trail of clues – Sherlock Holmes-like – to trace an …


  2. Unexpected romance in the Baillieu Library: Dulcie Hollyock, librarian by day, writer of love stories by night

    Next time you attend one of the talks or displays regularly hosted in the Dulcie Hollyock Room in the University of Melbourne Library, you may be …


  3. Wombat, wombach, whom-batt wonder: early scientific ‘trafficking’ of marsupalia to Europe

    The unique fauna of Australia intrigued, bemused and excited the imagination of their European ‘discovers’ from the moment of the first animal sightings in the late …


  4. Cricket on the fore-edge: finding hidden paintings within the page-ends of books

    Next time you open a book from the late 18th or 19th century, take time to gently fan the pages.  If you are lucky you may …


  5. Zodiac Man: a time capsule of weather prophecies, health predictions and popular culture in a 1616 almanac

    If the mobile phone has become the essential life accessory of the 21st century, the almanac can be considered the indispensable accoutrement of the early modern …


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