Stroke a Chord

The Stroke a Chord project investigated the effects of participation in a therapeutic choir for people living with aphasia post stroke. Communication deficits resulting from aphasia can negatively impact stroke survivors’ relationships and social participation. Despite these difficulties, singing is accessible and enjoyable for many people with aphasia. The research project examined mood, communication, cognition and global and social functioning after 12 and 20 weeks of participating in the Stroke a Chord choir.

The Stroke a Chord choir has continued to operate since the research concluded over 10 years ago. This group strongly advocates for the benefits of group singing post stroke for people living with aphasia and have their own website and Facebook page

ook cover - The story of the Stroke a Chord choir: Voices Stroke survivors singing in the Stroke a Chord choir


Tamplin, J., Baker, F., Jones, B., Way, A., & Lee, S. (2013). ‘Stroke a Chord’: The effect of singing in a community choir on mood and social engagement for people living with aphasia following a stroke. Neurorehabilitation, 32(4), 929-941. doi: 10.3233/NRE-130916

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