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The Melbourne Law School High Court Blog aims to provide a public forum for discussion of the judicial decisions of the High Court of Australia.

This blog will provide commentary on and analysis of recent High Court decisions, general information about the Court, as well as marking significant activities and events at the Court. It is a forum for discussion of decisions of the Court and a resource for understanding the operation of the Court.

Reflecting on what the Court does, achieves and produces, this Blog will:

  • Highlight and contextualise the very important legal developments of the Court by alerting readers to new cases, explain their meaning and their legal and social implications.
  • Distill the Court’s interpretation of laws and identify changes to the law brought about by the Court’s decisions.
  • Provide comment on the trends evident in the Court, particularly as its composition or leadership changes. It will celebrate the jurisprudence and achievement of judges.
  • Provide a comprehensive resource bank for each matter heard by the Court – including pleadings, transcripts, historical legal information and key dates.
  • Introduce to the wider community the expertise of Melbourne Law School scholars, who are trained in legal analysis skills, and are eager to share their understanding of and opinions about the complex and often long judgments made by Justices of the Court. They will draw together multiple views and contrast competing judicial opinions, foreshadow issues that the Court might next want to grapple, and leave readers better informed about the Court and the law it interprets and changes.

‘Opinion Posts’ are written by faculty, alumni and friends of the Melbourne Law School with expertise in the subject matter of each case.

‘Case Pages’ contain up-to-date news information on pending and decided cases, links to case resources and opinion posts. Every matter the Court decides to hear will have its own Case Page.

‘Feature Posts’ will mark significant activities and events at the Court.

‘News Posts’ are short updates on a wide range of current affairs issues relevant to the High Court and Australian law more generally.

Finally, there is additional information about the High Court, legal terms, and links to other blogs.

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