The Features page collects short posts published throughout the week on a wide variety of topics that are related to the High Court’s operation. While Opinion Posts focus specifically on explaining and analysing particular judgments, Features Posts will cover current topics like:

  • General posts on broader High Court issues, such as a string of related cases, or the development or changes in the Court’s approach to a particular issue.
  • Notes on interesting lower court cases that might be appealed to the High Court, or interesting special leave decisions
  • Updates on recent legal scholarship covering High Court issues.
  • Reports on special events at the High Court and the Melbourne Law School, like speeches and conferences.
  • Posts on other Australian and foreign law blogs.
  • Notes on important decisions of other foreign superior courts.
  • Historical materials and anniversaries related to High Court decisions and judges.

Link to Feature Posts.

Also on the Features tab is the News Posts page. This page collects short posts that will update readers on newsworthy topics like:

  • Developments in cases before the Court such as special leave hearings, refusals and grants and hearings by the Full Court.
  • Notes on media reporting on the High Court and Australian law.
  • Current policy debates that are relevant to the High Court and Australian law.