Melbourne University Digital Newspaper Access

Access the major newspapers online via the library

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Library resources

The homepage of the Melbourne University library has many different areas to explore.

Under Resources, they have available a selection of Current Newspapers free for students and staff to access.

Some big names include


Newest additions

The university’s newspaper collections now includes digital access to The Australian and the Herald Sun.

The access lasts until 23 April 2020 as part of a campus subscription offer. This was a collaboration between Chancellery, Student Communication and Collection Development, and is funded by Chancellery.

To gain access, follow this set up link via a University of Melbourne network computer. Enter your information, using your university email. Once you have this account, you can log in directly to the Herald Sun or Australian web pages for full access.

This complimentary digital campus subscription gives you:

  • Unrestricted digital access to Herald Sun and The Australian both on and off campus
  • Editorial newsletters for updates throughout the day (including The Australian’s Higher Education newsletter)
  • Email alerts for breaking news
  • Custom curated monthly newsletter for University of Melbourne subscribers from The Australian

Newspapers and research

Newspaper articles are a valuable starting point for research. As part of the research process, or for inspiring research, Newspapers:

  • can provide multiple points of view
  • become historical sources
  • show events within context
  • exhibit biases that are interesting to analyse

Whether to enrich your research, or just to have a read – have a look at the Newspaper selection today.