News and Upcoming Events for August 2023

Throughout 2023 at the end of each month the Scholarly Development (Research) team will provide a snapshot of relevant scholarly research support news and events for the coming month.

23 Research Things is back!

Starting from next Tuesday, 01 August 2023, two blogs will be posted each week on the theme managing your research: working harder, not smarter. Topic experts from across the University of Melbourne will highlight resources, strategies and tools available to help manage your research: no matter what discipline you are from, or what career stage/study level you are at. 

The best way to stay up to date is to register to receive an update in your inbox when the first Thing is posted next week: click here for the sign-up form. You can also view this year’s post schedule and previous iterations on the 23 Research Things site here. 


Researcher@Library Webinars

Check out and register for August’s Researcher@Library webinars:

Click here to view the full Researcher@Library programme. 


Upcoming Research Software Training

Introduction to NVivo for Mac users

NVivo is a qualitative analysis software licensed by the University. Digital Skills Training are running five online training sessions in August to show you how you can use NVivo to organise and analyse qualitative and mixed-methods data such as interviews, surveys, and media. There are differences between the Mac and Windows NVivo software, with these sessions aimed at Mac users, but Windows users are also welcome to join. Sign up for the first session on 02 August 2023 here. 

LabArchives: How to use an Electronic Laboratory Notebook

LabArchives is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) which can be used by both student and staff researchers throughout the University, to record, manage and safely store all their research data. This event is for researchers new to using LabArchives, or those that want a refresher on using the notebook. Register for the online session on 10 August 2023 here.


Dark Matters Exhibition @ Science Gallery

DARK MATTERS is a free exhibition in collaboration with Arts at CERN and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics. The exhibition aims to explore the fundamental essence of life and the universe, and how so much of it remains a mystery to us. The exhibition opens on 05 August 2023 at the Science Gallery, 700 Swanston Street Melbourne. Find out more on the Science Gallery website.

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